What's New With Facebook?

Since Facebook is always changing, here is a list of things to check out!


Have you noticed the word "Watch" on the left side colum underneath the New Feed and Messager icons? This is the home to Facebook original video content that started up last summer. Just click the word “Watch” to scroll through a long list of categories of shows to view. There are videos like Tastemade’s Kitchen Little, Major League Baseball, Nat Geo WILD’s “Safari Live”, and many more.

Still logged in?

If you have ever wondered if you forgot to log out of Facebook after using a different computer, there is a way to find out! First, go to your settings page. Under the Security tab, you'll see the link "Where You're Logged In." Here you will find all your active Facebook logins from desktop or mobile. It will provide data on the location, browser, and device. If something seems fishy or there are several devices listed, just click "log out of all sessions" from the bottom. 

Save for Later

If there's a post you would like to save for later, click the little arrow in the top-right of the post. Then click the Save from the pull-down menu. This will send the link to your Saved folder. You won’t see it until you save something for the first time. Then you will see a little "saved" ribbon in your left-hand column. Click that and you will find all your favorite videos and posts. 

Choose a Legacy Contact.

Facebook has created a way to name a legacy contact who will manage your account after you are gone. Your legacy contact will have the ability to write a post for your profile, respond to new friend requests, or update your profile and cover photo. They won't have access to all your messages unless you proactively decide to give them access. To assign, go to Settings. Then under the General tab, click on Manage Account to choose one of your Facebook friends to handle your digital affairs. You can also choose to have your account is deleted after you die.

Live Map.

I'm sure you have noticed people and businesses going "Live" on Facebook. Because of this, Facebook created an interactive live map at facebook.com/livemap (not available on mobile device). You can scroll and zoom in all over the world. There are tiny blue dots showing the current live streams. If lots of people are watching, the dots will be bigger. Just place your mouse over each dot to see a preview. There are a lot of local news broadcasts, local games, and lots of people going live from their house!

Happy Facebooking!

-Holly Stormo - The Marketeer