Hosted Voice


Hosted Voice service allows a business customer to have a phone system and features over their Internet connection. The system can expand as your business grows. No phones to buy and no big up-front investment. ITC leases the system and manages it for you.


Low Startup Costs: ITC Hosted Voice is managed via the cloud through our secure local data network with no costly hardware to purchase, thus eliminating the burden of making large up-front investments. \

Flexible and Scalable: ITC Hosted Voice can be expanded as you grow your business, by any number of users, or any number of locations. Mobile Connectivity : ITC Hosted Voice allows you access to a whole suite of features including Auto Attendant, Voicemail to E-Mail, Find Me - Follow Me.

No Phones to Buy: The leased phones will be managed by ITC.

Reliable and Secure: ITC Hosted Voice is fully redundant and secure in our Central Office facility that is monitored 24/7.

Remote Support: ITC Hosted Voice is remotely supported. Your business will save money by eliminating service calls.

Contact ITC today for a comparison to find out if ITC Hosted Voice is the right option for your business.